Rear end repairs and replacement


Preparing the new C channel for welding

This is about how I felt midday….

New wood floor in. you can see the supports put in to hold the body in place 

We didn’t go with airstream original septic tank mostly to save money. We saved about 250 going with another type of tank that’s more readily available. It actually holds 5 gallons more then the original too.  

Jason begins making the tray that will hold the septic tank into place  

Damage from rust was un-repairable and need to be cut out and replaced from the frame. Here is a picture of the new C channel that was welded into place.  

The new belly pan for the septic tank area  

I installed  a drain in the middle of the pan incase of spillage or if I just want to hose it out once in awhile   


Rear end floor removal

You can now see extensive damage to the frame and wood flooring. The flooring will need to be replaced and all areas of the frame with rust will need to be repaired or replaced. Before any of the rear end was disassembled it looked like it was in OK shape. But when parts are removed piece by piece it becomes very clear the amount of damage that was hidden