Restoring Airstream Windows.



Nikki working hard polishing all the small items.
Before shot

The window latches were polished using a fine wire wheel. Then we poured oil into the spring mechanisms to free them up. They worked very smooth after that. Left-before, Right-after

After the windows were polished and the new gaskets were put on, I tinted the windows using 15% tint from windowtint.com. We ordered one roll of 24”x 50 feet. It was less then a 100 bucks. I found some very helpful techniques that will save you time and tint- email me if you want me to send you that advice.

I love the new look with the tinted windows! Blocks out 99% of UV’s and also reduces heat by 65%  

We used the D Seal gasket 381665 from Out-of-doors Mart. All the windows and doors will have this type of gasket

I tried multiple products on the windows and found that the Dico buffing wheel (Important: Use only the one with the single stitch) was the way to go! It was very effective. I just bought the connector to use with my drill and applied NuVite when needed.    

Before I polished the widows, a lot of oxidation and dirt had to be removed. I used a bottle of water with 20% vinegar and a 3m fine scotch pad. It removed so much of the oxidation with very little scratching. This dramatically speeds up the polishing time.