Airstream slide out pantry complete!

Sweet! We finished installing all the pantry doors and installed the handles. Yesterday I had enough time to finish up the slide out pantry which turned out great. 

I used four 24" 100 LBS soft close sliders. It will hold more then enough weight (200lbs total)

After building the four boxes, I set them up on their sides to see how much space i would need. I started with the bottom  and made sure a giant bottle of Jim Beam would fit and then evenly spaced out the rest. 

I added the bottom slide out first and then the top slide out.  After both were installed i aligned the door, tacked it into place and then add the two center drawers. 

Snug fit. 

Completed kitchen pantry with slide out. 

Slides out 24". Plenty of space! 


Bedroom Overheads started.

Started the overhead storage for the bedrooms this weekend. I ran out of time and wasn't able to install them yet but hope to finish it up during the week.

Using a dado table saw setup i was able to cut 1/4 slots that will hold the sliding doors. Simply make the top deeper then the bottom and you're good to go. 

I started with one template that Nikki created. Then i simple used a router to make duplicates 

Adding the supports. The 1/2 inch notches are there to help the wood sheet hold its curve after its applied 

Instead of build two long units, I built 4 sections to make it easier to apply the wood  (its a pain to bend wood in large sections). When they are complete I will attach them together to make two full units. 


Heres whats been going on the past few weeks

Hello everyone! I wanted to post some updates on the Airstream. normally i would post completed projects but I've really been jumping around from one project to the next. So far i have started the wall dividers  with the pocket doors, pantry, bed area, draws that go under the bed and the design of the entertainment center (Nikki did a great job designing the entertainment center). I will post all the projects from start to finish later. But here are some progress pics!

Entertainment Center

Entertainment center design

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A place to put remotes or odd stuff. 



Starting the beds

bed frame

Both beds will be adjustable air mattresses (Almost like a sleep number)

I want heat going to the front, middle and rear of the airstream. So we added this vent that i fabricated in the bedroom.

Vent complete

Pocket doors 
Foam core walls. This provides insulation and sound dampening.