Airstream slide out pantry complete!

Sweet! We finished installing all the pantry doors and installed the handles. Yesterday I had enough time to finish up the slide out pantry which turned out great. 

I used four 24" 100 LBS soft close sliders. It will hold more then enough weight (200lbs total)

After building the four boxes, I set them up on their sides to see how much space i would need. I started with the bottom  and made sure a giant bottle of Jim Beam would fit and then evenly spaced out the rest. 

I added the bottom slide out first and then the top slide out.  After both were installed i aligned the door, tacked it into place and then add the two center drawers. 

Snug fit. 

Completed kitchen pantry with slide out. 

Slides out 24". Plenty of space! 


  1. Looks so good! We are making progress on our Lucille! Flooring has been installed and curtains are almost done. You have to come see her! Also, we joined the 4CU and are all set up!

  2. That’s awesome news! We are so happy you guys joined and can’t wait to see your Airstream! Coming up in October, there is an Airstream gathering with the 4CU not to far from phoenix. I don’t have your email address but my email is mike@platt-family.net. Send me an email and I will send you the info. Thanks for the compliments!