Decals, LED lights and buffing!

Well, I finally had time to install the new LED running lights for the Airstream and they look amazing! I also had time to put on our new Wally Byam numbers on.

QUESTION: “What do you seal the Airstream with after you’re done polishing?”

ANSWER: "Nothing"

Some people say you need to seal it with a wax or Walbernize. Sealing an airstream after polishing will help with oxidation and prolong your polish about another 6 months. But the down side is oxidation will eventually happen no matter what sealer you use. And after a year it will need to be polished again. But before that can happen the sealer you used will have to be removed first creating twice the work. In my opinion, just polish every 6 months or so. I went a year and it wasn’t that difficult to bring it back to a mirror finish.

This is the final pass on the airstream! Finished with Nuvite S grade.