New items to come.

 This is a pretty cool find. purchased it on amazon for around 70 bucks. Its a Shore power inlet by Marinco. Although it was design for marine use, its perfect for RVs as well. We went with the Marinco 303SSEL-B because its solid and has a chrome finish which will match the airstream body. Other products are usually made from cheap plastic. It was a little more but will last 2x as long. Comes in this week. I'll start on the installation Sunday.

The main reason for installing this connector was to eliminate storing the power cable in the septic tank area.

Other items that will be installed. Lights, Outlet covers and handles

1950's car door handles will be used.


Series tank monitoring system. It will monitor the fresh water tank level, black water tank level, battery voltage and also LP spending units.

We are members!

Whats left to do??


Needs completion:

  1. Finish polishing- Back in progress as of 1-1-2015 and almost complete!
  2. Black trim tape needed on all windows after tinting
  3. Run wire for new LED lighting
  4. Build bathroom utility closet
  5. Awnings need for right side and rear
  6. Build small table that will double for front and middle of Airstream
  7. Build pocket doors (rear)
  8. Fabric wall (passenger side done)
  9. Polish aluminum trim inside airstream
  10. Re-chrome main door handle
  11. Polish hubcaps.
  12. Hood vent for stove
  13. After all large sections of interior are built they will need To be stained
  14. All outlet covers need to be replaced and installed
  15. USB outlets need to be installed
  16. Ducted AC unit needed for bedroom
  17. Design and install new vista view covers
  18. Design center ceiling
  19. Remodel bathroom- in progress
  20. Install center ceiling
  21. Install pocket lights (middle of airstream)
  22. Install LED lighting in ceiling 
  23. Install switches  for LED lighting
  24. Install individual lights in bedroom
  25. Install LED in shower
  26. Install LED strips in drop ceiling
  27. Install outside shower
  28. Install outside LP connector
  29. Install central computer for Airstream
  30. Install outside power outlet
  31. Install new vent over kitchen
  32. install new interior- in progress
  33. Install sliding doors for bedroom and bathroom- in progress
Completed items:
  1. Build cabinet over water heater (Door for heater and slide out drawer for storage)-Done
  2. Remove old Airstream numbers and install new numbers-Done
  3. Fabric wall (left side bedroom)-Done
  4. Run air lines for airbeds-Done
  5. Tint all windows -Done
  6. Build beds (left and right side) with four drawers under them)-Done
  7. Fabric wall (left side bedroom)-Done
  8. New curtains for front area-Done
  9. Reinforce battery box
  10. Replace all running lights with stylish chrome lights- Done
  11. Purchase 1st generator-Done
  12. Build new shower-Done
  13. Build new bathroom sink-Done
  14. Build Closets-Done
  15. Build Table with two legs -Done
  16. Build front seating area -Done
  17. Build overhead storage (kitchen) -Done
  18. Build pocket door walls (Front) -Done
  19. Build entertainment center -Done
  20. Build overhead storage in kitchen -Done
  21. Install new radio -Done
  22. Install cabinet handles -Done
  23. Install TV-Done
  24. Install new fan with remote over table-Done
  25. Install roll down shades (bedroom, bathroom, kitchen)-Done
  26. Install Rear bedroom speakers-Done
  27. Install gaskets on all doors-Done
  28. Install tile on kitchen wall-Done
  29. Install awning on left side-Done
  30. Install handles on cabinet doors-Done
  31. Install wood floor-Done
  32. Install LED lighting over kitchen-Done
  33. Install Propane tank cover-Done
  34. Install new front speakers -Done
  35. Install new water heater -Done
  36. Install new furnace -Done
  37. Install new toilet -Done
  38. Install new batteries -Done
  39. Install fuse panel -Done
  40. Install new septic tank -Done
  41. Install new water pump -Done
  42. Install new stove -Done
  43. Install shower pan-Done
  44. Install Marinco shore line 30 amp power connector (Front and rear) - Done
  45. Install LP tank cover -Done
  46. Install 2nd pole for table -Done
  47. Install window rock guard for front -Done
  48. Install pressure regulator for water -Done
  49. Install Microwave-Done
  50. Install sliding drawers for pantry
  51. Replace copper with PEX -Done
  52. Purchase kitchen sink and facet -Done
  53. Overhead storage for bedroom -Done
  54. Custom cabinets for pantry -Done
  55. Slide out drawers in pantry-Done
  56. Replace main awning-Done
  57. Replace axles -Done
  58. Remove old antenna -Done
  59. New gaskets on all windows -Done
  60. Remove all interior -Done
  61. Run heating duct -Done
  62. Prep wood floor and paint -Done
  63. Paint walls -Done
  64. Cushions for front seating area -Done
  65. custom cabinets for kitchen -Done
  66. All windows and doors need seals replaced -Done
  67. Design heat vent outlet-Done
  68. Design sliding doors -Done
  69. Repair rear end sag -Done
  70. Change door light to LED -Done 
Need to purchase:
  1. Purchase LED light switches
  2. Purchase surge protector needed
  3. Purchase New Fridge
  4. Purchase 2nd generator- first generator purchased
  5. Purchase all wood veneer to remodel interior
  6. Purchase all wood to remodel interior
  7. Purchase outdoor shower box
  8. Purchase Nuvite- on going
  9. Purchase wire for 12v lighting
  10. Purchase LED replacements for puck lights
  11. Purchase 3m adhesive for veneer (1 gallon)
  12. Purchase airline tickets to fly Wade out to help veneer
  13. Purchase converter to 120
  14. Purchase awning for rear and passenger side
  15. Purchase new awning fabric for main awning
Purchased so far:

  1. Purchase window rock guard for front -Done
  2. Purchase 1st generator-Done
  3. Purchase handles for inside-Done
  4. Purchase pressure regulator for water -Done
  5. Purchase wood flooring -Done
  6. Purchase new axles -Done
  7. Purchase fan w/remote for front (over table) -Done
  8. Purchase LED Running light -Done
  9. Purchase Toilet -Done
  10. Purchase propane tank cover -Done
  11. Purchase new septic tank -Done
  12. Purchase stove-Done
  13. Purchase water pump -Done
  14. Purchase window tint -Done
  15. Purchase gaskets -Done
  16. Purchase furnace -Done
  17. Purchase water heater -Done
  18. Purchase new batteries -Done
  19. Purchase gas detector -Done
  20. Purchase carbon detector -Done
  21. Purchase Cyclo buffer -Done
  22. Purchase Nuvite polish -Done
  23. Purchase shower pan -Done
  24. Purchase radio -Done
  25. Purchase tv -Done
  26. Purchase bathroom sink-Done
  27. Purchase speakers -Done
  28. Purchase PEX tubing -Done
  29. Purchase PEX crimps -Done
  30. Purchase curtain fabric -Done
  31. Purchase foam for seating -Done
  32. Purchase Fabric for seating -Done
  33. Purchase batteries -Done
  34. Purchase fuse panel -Done
  35. Purchase power converter -Done
  36. Purchase central computer -Done
  37. Purchase kitchen sink -Done
  38. Purchase kitchen faucet -Done  
  39. Purchase bathroom faucet -Done  
  40. Purchase shower head -Done
  41. Purchase fresh water hose needed -Done
  42. Purchase fresh water filter needed -Done 
  43. Purchase weight distribution hitch -Done
  44. Purchase RV chocks -Done
  45. Purchase RV tongue foot-Done
  46. Purchase cabinet handles -Done
  47. Purchase main awning -Done
  48. Purchase metal for rear end sag-Done
  49. Purchase new tires -Done
  50. Purchase LP connectors -Done
  51. Purchase wood for overhead storage units -Done
  52. Purchase wood for front seating area -Done
  53. Purchase wood for pantry -Done
  54. Purchase wood for kitchen -Done
  55. Purchase wood for walls -Done
  56. Purchase wood for beds -Done
  57. Purchase wood for entertainment center -Done
  58. Purchase wood for rear floor -Done
  59. Purchase paint for floor -Done
  60. Purchase paint for walls -Done
  61. Purchase hinges for cabinets -Done
  62. Purchase soft close drawer sliders -Done
  63. Purchase generator -Done
  64. Purchase 30 amp cord -Done
  65. Purchase brake away unit -Done
  66. Purchase ball hitch -Done
  67. Purchase microwave -Done
  68. Purchase speaker wire -Done
  69. Purchase ducting for heating -Done
  70. Purchase  flooring -Done
  71. Purchase sliding door hardware -Done
  72. Purchase hot water heater bypass -Done
  73. Purchase temporary AC unit -Done
  74. Purchase temporary fridgerator -Done
  75. Purchase table legs -Done
  76. Purchase original control panel -Done
  77. Purchase sewer kit -Done
  78. Purchase outdoor rug-Done
  79. Purchase sewer tube holder -Done
  80. Purchase plumbing (drain) -Done
  81. Purchase plumbing (on/off) valves -Done
  82. Purchase aluminum trim for table and kitchen -Done 
  83. Purchase tile for kitchen -Done
  84. Purchase Buffing pads -Done
  85. Purchase aircraft stripper -Done
  86. Purchase hubcaps (4x) -Done
  87. Purchase tow connectors -Done 
  88. Purchase tow brake controller -Done
  89. Purchase bedding -Done
  90. Purchase Airstream membership -Done
  91. Purchase Airstream numbers -Done
Nice to have:
  1. Solar power
  2. Generators switched to propane
  3. Aluminum propane tanks

Airstream Buffing: more B&A



As you can see, the airstream was in pretty bad shape when we first bought it. It’s been so long since I’ve seen this picture I forgot how much work has actually been done to the body. The picture below is of the same area. It really is amazing what’s underneath all that oxidation and damage.

Soon the entire airstream will look like this!
First I used aircraft stripper to remove the clear coat. I picked some up at auto zone and purchased some brushes to apply. Use heavy duty rubber gloves to protect yourself when you brush it on. After it bubbles up spray it off (I used a pressure washer). Once the clear coat is removed it’s ready for buffing. I used a 7” buffing pad on a rotary polisher with Nuvite F7 polishing compound. I tried multiple compounds and stand by Nuvite 100%. Nuvite is a little $$ but a little goes a long way and personally I believe it to be at least 3x as affective then other brands on the market. Next you’ll need a Cyclo orbital polisher. It’s the only way to remove the swirl marks left by the 7” buffing pad. I purchased mine used on craiglist.
To clean the black residue left behind by the polishing compound add 2  ounce (+or-) of vinegar in a spray bottle mixed with water. Spray the area and use a microfiber towel. For tuff spots use terry cloth but be carful because terry cloth will leave scratches. The best way I found to remove residue is to cover the Cyclo buffer with the microfiber cloth. It works really well and is quicker than doing it by hand. Here is a list of what I used:

Buffing pad: Presta Double or single sisded BLACK wool cutting pad

Buffing pad attachment: Quick connect adapter

7in Sander/Polisher

Cyclo buffer:

Nuvite polish: F7 cut and finish with S

Terry cloth and Microfiber cloth