New items to come.

 This is a pretty cool find. purchased it on amazon for around 70 bucks. Its a Shore power inlet by Marinco. Although it was design for marine use, its perfect for RVs as well. We went with the Marinco 303SSEL-B because its solid and has a chrome finish which will match the airstream body. Other products are usually made from cheap plastic. It was a little more but will last 2x as long. Comes in this week. I'll start on the installation Sunday.

The main reason for installing this connector was to eliminate storing the power cable in the septic tank area.

Other items that will be installed. Lights, Outlet covers and handles

1950's car door handles will be used.


Series tank monitoring system. It will monitor the fresh water tank level, black water tank level, battery voltage and also LP spending units.

We are members!

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