Airstream Speaker Upgrade:

I was really lucky that the MB Quarts speakers that I purchased fit as well as they did. At first, the depth of the speakers was too deep until I attached them to the original speaker grill. It was a perfect fit with the grill. I would say the MB Quart FSB 213 are the largest speakers you can possibly buy using the original Airstream speaker grill

I went with a crossover setup for quality sound. (Notice the tweeter on the left) This was a complete kit containing 2x 5.25 speakers, 2x tweeters and 2x crossovers connectors. We purchased them from “Sonic Electronix” on Ebay.

Perfect fit

Bedroom Speakers: Pioneer TS-g1344R 5.25 speakers

Front room speakers: MB Quart FSB 213

Radio/DVD player:

Radio: BravoIND-5000BT

DVD, CD, MP3 and Blue tooth. Perfect! This thing has everything! It has two video out cables in the back so I will be able to easily connect the living room TV and bedroom TV with no problems.

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