Airstream redwood shower installed

I finished the shower walls but dont have all of the pictures loaded yet. I just want to share the finished product. It came out fantastic!

 Nikki found a set of  vintage handles online.

                Prior to redwood installation.

Airstream bathroom sink finished!

 Over the weekend I started the process of making the countertop for the bathroom sink. I love the look of butcher block so that’s just what we decided to do. I cut each piece using redwood ½”x ½” x 9”. I like to use redwood because of its light weight and color.


Look at that reflection! so cool.


First,I started with a platform.
And then i started to glue each pice on


The sink was purchased from ikea and yes its porcelain. Not ideal for campers but how could we pass it up? It's beautiful and fits perfect! I built the butcher block pattern around the sink to help with mounting.

 Sanded and ready for stain
Looking great!

Stained and sealed with Minwax polyurethane.

I also Built the base for the countertop and installed the doors. The light wood in the picture will eventually have veneer and also stained.

Here is the base:

Which generator?


Nikki and I had a 4000XL contractor’s generator that was able to run the AC unit. The generator itself was about 150LBS and the noise level was around 90 dB- too high for park use. So we sold it on CL and decided to purchase a generator that ran below 70 dB and also weighed  less. The most popular generators are parallel units which is the combination of two generators running together to produce roughly 4000watts which will run an AC unit. The most popular parallel generators are the Honda EU2000i and the Yamaha EF2000iS but they cost around $1000 new (and we did not want to spend $2000 plus for generators). So I did some research to find out what options are available below $1000. To my surprise there are plenty of options much cheaper than the Honda EU2000i and the Yamaha EF2000iER.
Here is a list with price and specs:
We decided to go with the Ryobi RYI2200 because it had high customer ratings and was the only digital generator in its category (safe for sensitive electronics). It was very quiet and only weighs 57 LBS and the best part was its price tag- $600!!. We can purchase two for almost the same price as one Honda or Yamaha. Purchased at home depot: