Bathroom is on its way

Refinished sink and buffed the facet head with a dremel tool. Using a wire brush wheel on the dremel at 28,000 rpm really did wonders to the finish. It removed all water stains and brought the facet head back to life. It looks brand new! The sink was sanded and cleaned then cover in a spray epoxy paint specifically used for bathroom fixtures. The paint is a little expensive (two cans for 50 bucks) but it was worth it
(Update as of 10-03-2014- all of the original parts of the airstream bathroom were not reinstalled. We sold them on the airstream forum and built the rear bathroom from scratch. You can see the progress of the new bathroom in future postings)

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  1. Hello I´m planning on painting the sink of my 1970 Safari. What´s the brand of the spray you used?