Awning and Battery storage reinforcement

Nikki and I had two things on our list we wanted to complete this weekend: Reinforce the battery storage compartment and add support to the lower rear awning arm. Big thanks to Jason (again) for the help. He is an amazing welder and is always full of good ideas.

Most vintage airstream will most likely have this issue. The battery storage compartment has a problem with supporting the full weight of the battery. As time passes it becomes weak and starts to bow causing the battery door to open when you go over small bumps. The solution is to beef it up and to attach the lower part of the door to the new support. If you are having this same problem Jason is more then happy to pre-weld a custom fitted battery box just like the one in pictures and ship it to you.

Unsupported battery box.

Unsupported battery box.

The support is designed in a way to distribute all of the batteries weight to the ¾” floor of the airstream.

The bottom part of the door is now pulled up and secured to the bottom of the battery box. The door will not come open anymore and the battery will have plenty of support. The battery hold down is welded to the rear and uses a hook in the front for easy removal. 

We purchased a used awning that was 19 feet long. Our 31 foot airstream normally would have a 21 foot awning installed. This means that we were unable to attach the rear of the awning to the rib of the airstream. Instead it’s attached to the thin aluminum body with no support.

This is were the lower rear part of the awning attached and will need reinforcement.

Jason came up with a cool design that used curved square tubing. Now it won’t take up a lot of room on the inside of the airstream. The area where this is mounted will become a shower.

It may be a little over kill but in the end I have total confidence that this arm isn't going anywhere and wont be causing any damage to the body.  

Complete. Four large bolts secured to the ¾ inch floor.

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