Airstream Kitchen backsplash installed

I Used a product called "Smart Tiles" which worked out awesome! I purchased them from home depot. The product went on easy and seem to hold well. The change with the new tiles is awesome. I Also installed the LED lighting under the uppers.  (update as of 10/3/2014- it been almost ten months and the tiles are holding up fine even with temperatures as high as 115 outside)


  1. My hubby and I are seriously looking at an Airstream we'd like to buy in the next couple days and I'm in the Mesa area, specifically Dobson and University. We want to do as much DIY as possible on a limited budget. Our intention is to live in it full time... Could I please pick your brains over coffee or lunch? Email me at jillian.haretuku@gmail.com or call at 480-553-3124. Thanks a heap!

  2. Nice job on the back splash. We have used tiles in several of our trailers but I've looked at the smart tiles. How well have they held up? Any issues adhering to the vinyl on the walls?
    Thanks! Bob

    1. So far it’s held up pretty good but we will definitely know just how well by summertime. I was very pleased with the product and its simplicity. I do notice a little lifting, but that’s mainly in a few areas where rivets are. We knew putting it on might result in some places not sticking so well but that’s an easy fix. The wall of the airstream has spots where two pieces overlap so the tile had a bit of a problem bending around them. It was only noticeable on the outer edges of the tile so one spot near the door. I simple use a high heat glue gun that I picked up from home depot. I put a dime sized spot to hold down one corner and also a spot on the area that covered the two pieces of wall that overlapped. Other than that no issues. I would recommended it.