Airstream Door light (switching to LED)

I replaced the original overhead door light with LED's yesterday. I cut a strip into four pieces with 6 LED lights each.  I cut out an aluminum plate that fit the inside of the light housing and bent the bottom so that it would attach in the same location in the rear of the housing. Everything worked out perfect. I also used a glue gun to seal all the connections on the led strip to help with any corrosion that may happen. Even with all 24 LED lights on it only comes out to 3 watts

In the next few months everything will be switched to LED's. We have LED running light's that i need to install as well

It will be nice to leave this light on and not worry about it draining the battery power. 

This is with the plastic light cover on. looks great

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  1. It truly was a pleasure to meet you last night at Groggy's. I am excited to see the progression and the adventures you will have once it is completed. It serves as proof that if you love it, and have the diligence to pursue what you love, you can accomplish great things! Thanks for sharing!!!~ Nan & Clay