Kitchen ready for veneer

pull out trash can

when the trash can is pulled out, it provides access to the water pump and levers

ready for veneer!!


  1. Great blog! We just purchased a '72 Ambassador 29'. We are just starting our adventure! Thanks for all the tips! We are in AZ, too! courtney . everhart at gmail . com

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    2. Thanks for the compliments Courtney! You’re going to love the airstream life! We just came back from a camping trip this weekend and we are heading out again next weekend with some airstream buddies. We joined the airstream club here in AZ last year and we love it! Look them up when you have a chance they are called “the four corners unit” http://fourcorners.wbcci.net/?s=airstream . The club is very friendly and they know how to have a good time. Well, I hope you guys start a blog so we can track your progress on the 72 Ambassador! If you guys have any questions about the airstream shoot me an email!

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